Above Board Gala

In August we were asked to attend the Above Board Gala. This event raised over $25,000 in the effort to fight opioid addiction in the Kennebunks. We were so happy to have Lucy there and the donors seemed to love having her. The money raised is to be used to open a local Recovery Coach Training Academy.

(from aboveboardgala.com): Recovery coaches serve as personal guides and mentors for people on their journey of recovery, suggesting strategies and resources to aid in managing the transformative nature of recovery, and empower the recoveree to sustain a productive and fulfilling life.

Based on the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery Model (CCAR), the 30 hour training program provides participants with information on guiding principles of recovery, distinguishing the addiction counselor/recovery coach and sponsor/guide, keeping up with changes, boundary issues, self-care, referral skills, crisis intervention, recovery wellness plans, cultural competence, professional development, sexual harassment, values and differences, pathways to recovery, stages of change, motivational interviewing, spirituality and religion, privilege and power, listening and communication skills, and much more.

The cost to graduate one recovery coach is roughly $300. Above Board’s goal is to graduate 15 recovery coaches annually for the next five years.

Photographer: C.A. Smith Photography