Reflecting on an Amazing Beginning and What Brought us Here

Reflecting on an Amazing Beginning and What Brought us Here

Bobbie’s love for VW’s came from owning her own ’72 Bug, purchased for a whopping $300.00. She painted that baby sky blue from its original sunshine yellow and hit the road, traveling cross country from Massachusetts to San Diego and back again a year and a half  later. Just picture this if you can, a blonde haired,  blue eyed , big haired (it was the early 90’s after all), 18 year old babe hopping in her VW Bug and heading west for some California dreamin’, scraping change off the floor along the way to keep the tank filled. The memories made in and around that Bug are the fuel that inspired her to pursue this crazy dream and turn it into a reality.

Everyone that we have come across in our travels that has been the owner of a VW has the same “lost love” look in their eyes. It’s just one of those things that you don’t know how to explain to those who haven’t had the pleasure of owning one. Owning Lucy has, for Bobbie, Steven and all of us involved been a labor in love for sure. It is so cool seeing the same reactions coming from the very young to the well, not so young anymore. Everyone Loves Lucy as much as we all do and that, my friends,  is the icing on the cake.

This dream turned reality has been a whirlwind. A beautiful, unbelievable, cool, groovy whirlwind and we are so thankful what the past 11 months have brought us. We have had the opportunity to attend a such a variety of events and have met some amazingly great people in our journeys.  Here’s to what the future holds, here’s to peace, here’s to love, and here’s to our little photo bus that we call Lucy.


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