We are so stoked to announce that we now have photo bus swag! Tanks, hoodies, bottles, phone sockets, hats, and tees all for sale! People that we meet at events have been asking and now we are delivering. The clothing is so cozy and the bottles and sockets are super cool. All of our offerings feature Lucy and her groovy lobster behind the wheel, what more could you want?!

Lets start with our tees which are available in two styles. We have unisex crew necks which are equally flattering on the guys and gals.

Another option for the ladies is our super soft flow v-neck.

Next we have our unisex zip hoodie. Get snuggly in this ultra soft zip hoodie featuring the Maine Photo Booth Bus Co.’s logo on the back.

Our phone sockets in navy or white are perfect for holding your phone or propping them up on a table to watch a show or read a recipe. $10

Your caps never looked so groovy than in this embroidered, distressed trucker hat from Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. $28

This Navy Blue Insulated Wooden Screw Top Water Bottle keeps your drinks the perfect temp whether hot or cold.

Another option for the gals is this super cute Festival Tank.

Follow the links to score your photo bus swag before its gone! We so appreciate you all supporting us during this time.

Peace, Love, Photobus

A special thank you to All Star Graphics in Maine for setting up our clothing and hats!